Mr. Kim is a regular visitor to our clinic. He had BOTOX treatment on his frown lines six months ago and was very satisfied with the results.

More recently, his wife mentioned the deep wrinkles around his eyes and so he returned to our clinic for a further quick treatment.

The wrinkles that appear at the corner of the eyes (often referred to as crow’s feet) are the result of muscle contractions (namely the orbicularis oculi muscle). As we age the dermis loses elasticity and consequently.

Smile and laughter lines deepen to become permanent wrinkles/crow’s feet. (Please see the first two pictures; when Mr. Kim is smiling his crow’s feet are very prominent. Even when he is not smiling (picture 3) the lines can still be seen.)

 Picture 1  Picture 2  Picture 3

The results of BOTOX treatment become slowly apparent within a week following the injection. These next photos of Mr. Kim were taken a week after his treatment. As can be seen, his crow’s feet are almost gone and he looks younger.

 Picture 1  Picture 2  Picture3


BOTOX continues to work for up to six months. Two weeks after Mr Kim’s treatment, not only have his crow’s feet almost gone but also his fine lines are reduced and his skin looks smoother (please see the pictures below).

Furthermore, BOTOX treatment can make the eyes appear slightly bigger due to the reduction of tension of the muscles. Overall, BOTOX can be a very effective treatment in reversing the effects of aging.