BOTOX has proven to be effective for various problems other than wrinkles: excessive sweating for example. It can also relieve migraine headaches.

Another and perhaps surprising use of Botox is in jaw reduction. Those people who have a square jaw tend to have strong facial bone structure, which is often strengthened and thereby emphasized by the masseter muscles. The best and fastest treatment for reducing the mass of masseter muscle is a laser-like treatment called TCR (*) but BOTOX can be a milder alternative. The resulting jaw reduction through the use of BOTOX may not be as dramatic as that of TCR but it has the great advantage of not requiring any recovery time, enabling one to resume routine daily activities immediately after treatment. In both procedures the final results become apparent a few months after treatment.
(*) Temperature Controlled Radio frequency.

This first picture is of a young man prior to his Botox treatment.


Three months later (as in the second picture) the shape of his face appears slimmer and slightly tigher. Nobody would imagine that he has had Botox treatment!

If you seek a mild jaw reduction or secret facial ‘weight loss’, BOTOX may be just the treatment for you!