Examples of skin pigmentation, such as brown spots and blemishes on the face, are diagnosed as senile (solar) lentigines, seborrheic keratosis, melasma, and so forth.

However, whatever their medical classification and diagnosis, there’s no doubt they look unsightly, and many people like to have them removed.

There are various ways to remove brown spots and blemishes; applying an effective whitening cream is one good, low-risk method, although it takes several months to complete.

Using a laser machine is an alternative way to make your skin spot-free.

It is probably the fastest, most thorough solution.

Here is an example case of a lady who had a prominent brown spot on her right cheek, measuring about 1cm in diameter. When she came to our clinic she had already spent a considerable amount of money on whitening cosmetics, and in vain.


The brown spot was diagnosed as a senile lentigo that might have been formed through exposure to the sun in the past.


This is how brown spots are removed. A topical numbing cream is applied as a local anesthesia, followed by laser irradiation.

Just after the procedure

In the photo above, you can see how the lentigo is being degenerated by the laser’s pulse beam.

The treatment takes less than five minutes to perform.

It is indeed amazing, and brown spots need no longer a worry to anybody.

Photo, 1 week after

One week has passed.

The scabs are beginning to come away naturally, but please do not pick them off yourself, since they also act as coats of the newly-born skin.

After nine days →  

 After ten days →  This lady's scabs completely came away after ten days at home.


 Before → Immediately after treatment → After 1 week →  After ten days