The Nasolabial lines are the two prominent creases that appear around the mouth when you smile. Aesthetically these lines have a negative impact on your beauty in the sense that you look tired or old. Imagine a portrait of your grandmother. Did you notice that you added Nasolabial lines to her face unconsciously? These lines are considered as the symbol of aging, or senescence.

Please look at the photo below. The Nasolabial lines appear on both sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth.


The anatomical lines have been there since you were a baby. However, over time facial expressions gradually make creases or folds more prominent to the point that they appear even when you are not smiling.

Why ?

This is actually the natural course of the aging of your skin.
On the outer surface of the skin, called the epidermis, skin turnover becomes stagnant and delayed, resulting in a thicker and hard keratin layer.
In what we call “the real skin”, that is the dermis, the collagen renewal process gets slowed down while the destruction of the old collagen is taking place. This causes the skin lose its elasticity.
Below the dermis is a layer of fat called the subcutaneous tissue, which becomes atrophic and saggy because of senile cell reduction and the continuous stress of gravity.
As a consequence of all above, Nasolabial lines or any other facial wrinkles are formed and become noticeable. Sundamage also accelerates your skin aging since the ultraviolet rays can disrupt the cell functions and can even affect DNA.

A quick correction can be applied to these lines using fillers such as Restylane (hyaluronic acid) and Radiasse (Calcium Hydroxylapatite). The folds in the central area of the face present a greater challenge, even with surgical procedures such as a facelift. If you consider the manner in how these lines become prominent, you will recognize that a filler is needed to strengthen and compensate for the compromised structure.

Here is an example of a correction to the Nasolabial lines with facial sculpting using Restylane(hyaluronic acid). Alternatively, Radiasse (Calcium Hydroxylapatite) can be used with a longer lasting effect as it stimulates your collagen production.

Before → After

Is beauty skin deep? 

Indeed it is.  If you understand the aging mechanism and take advantage of medical help to turn back the clock, it is quite easy to revive your beauty again and again. 

No need to hide behind makeup or sigh away looking in the mirror, just ask our doctors.